We manufacture and exporte earthing and Grounding Accessories and plates in Brass, Copper, Gunmetal, Bronze. Our Products range earthing plates, earthing Clamps, includes brass earthing, copper earthing, bonded earthing, solid earthing plates & Rods and Other Grounding Accessories and many more.


High-quality brass, copper, aluminium, Gunmetal, bronze, or any special material composition as per customer’s requirement.


Available in Tin-plated, Nickle, silver, Deburring Process, and any finishing/coating as per customer requirement.


  • High Durability & reliability
  • Easy to use and install
  • Anti-corrosive coating
  • High strength
  • Elevated durability
  • Zero maintenance cost
  • Sturdy construction

Size & Length:

Available in any size & length as per customer requirement.


Narson Products range are of copper & brass earthing plate and is extensively used in different industrial, commercial, and household regions for earthing purposes. These copper & brass earthing plates are mostly used for earthing networks, forged, and casting purposes. Earthing plates are suitable for an area where unable to drive the ground rod. Copper & brass earthing plates provide long-lasting service in areas where driving earth rods might be not feasible which is the best solution to solve earthing issues.