Narson Group one of the leading manufacturers of the full range of Split Bolt & Cable Holder Connectors suitable for connecting and jointing a wide range of stranded copper earthing conductors – no specialist tools are required for installation. Our Standard rang consists of brass clamp body, however depending on the application. Narson Group can offer different surface finishes, such as Tinned cable holders. But also different material such as stainless steel 316 or Aluminium, with studs and bimetallic washers.


High-quality brass, copper, aluminium, stainless-steel, or any special material composition as per customer’s requirement.


Available in Nickle, silver, Tin-plated, Deburring Process, and any finishing/coating as per customer requirement.


  • Finish and coating options
  • Reduce interference between cables of different natures,
  • Reduce the effects of EMC,
  • Accuracy
  • Longer Life
  • High electricity load
  • Resist current
  • Shock Resistant

Size & Length:

Available in any 25x6/8,35x6/8,50x6/8,95x6/8,120x6/8,135x6/8,150x6/8,180x6/8,240x6/8,300x6/8 size & length as per customer requirement.


Narson made Cable Holder & Split Bolt are mostly used in industrial automation and machine Cable holders are usually used for grounding and equipotential bonding of metal trunking. Electromagnetic compatibility - Installation and mitigation guidelines - Earthing and cabling; LV cables are installed in a metal trunking (possibly with metal covers) commonly known as cable tray, the latter, through the clamps, is connected to the earth and serves.