Narson Group have an exclusive range of terminal blocks in different shapes, thicknesses, and features. Terminal blocks can be manufactured with either screw or screw-less connections to make installation easier. Our Terminal blocks are available with single or multi-level rows and are available with multiple profile options.


High-quality brass, copper, aluminium, steel, stainless-steel, Mild steel (MS), bronze, or any special material composition as per customer’s requirement.


Available in Nickle, silver, Tin-plated, powder coating, and any finishing/coating as per customer requirement.


  • High performance
  • Very low maintenance
  • Best high-end performance
  • Increase product efficiency
  • Robust and rugged construction
  • Provide good Conductivity

Size & Length:

Available in any size & length as per customer requirement.


Narson terminal block connectors are typically used in industrial equipment, power supply components, instrumentation components, or any other electrical application requiring higher-current input and output connections. Terminal blocks are commonly utilized in a wide variety of industries like medical, instrumentation, industrial, aerospace, and military.